Blue Spark Foundation

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School runs Projects to Improve Communications, Confidence and other Skills

BlueSpark provided funding support for the children at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School in Dartford, Kent to carry out a series of practical projects aimed at improving communication, confidence, teamwork, budget management and time management and at giving the children a wider understanding of local and global issues. These projects included designing Christmas cards and delivering them to neighbouring old people’s homes; planning, developing and selling gifts; designing and building recycled sculpture prototypes for the forest school; researching cultural food recipes, costing them up and cooking them outside; and designing a small-scale building with the assistance of a visiting architect. The project leader said that the children had enjoyed becoming involved in project management and money management and talking about things like “food miles” in the context of where food comes from. Actually being involved in delivering projects also allowed confidence and self-esteem to flourish amongst the children.