Blue Spark Foundation

Breachwood Green JMI School Pupils taken Out of Their Comfort Zone by the Young People’s Puppet Theatre

BlueSpark provided support for Breachwood Green JMI School in Hitchin, Hertfordshire to work on a one-year long project with the Young People’s Puppet Theatre. In that time 24 pupils designed and made their own marionette puppet, designed and painted each scene, made the props and performed the story of “Theseus and the Minotaur”. The children took on various roles including voices, puppeteer, stage manager and lighting. They were able to see how a project can develop over time and how input from all members of their class was required to make the project a success. The Headteacher told BlueSpark that the children enjoyed applying their art and design skills to a real project and that the roles they took on during the show took them out of their comfort zones and enabled them to develop their confidence and resilience.