Blue Spark Foundation

BlueSpark Sponsors SATRO Problem Solving Challenge

BlueSpark sponsored a STEM problem-solving challenge organised by SATRO which is an educational charity which aims to inspire and engage young people in science, technology, engineering and maths. Thirty teams of young people between 11 and 19 from schools in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and south London took part in a competition to produce solutions to practical design problems. Anne Edward, the programme manager, said “You could see how engaged the students were and that they really enjoyed the challenges. We are so pleased with how the students used their knowledge of engineering and physics to solve the problems! We saw some very inventive solutions and excellent collaborative working”. Student feedback was also very positive with students saying that “the competition taught them the importance of performing under pressure, working as a team, planning, applying simple solutions to complex problems and being innovative”. Students also said that they enjoyed being challenged in a different way to their normal curriculum challenges.